Friday, May 2, 2008


My boss reminds me that this is my job and that I am paid for it, so I should't gripe.
Just that its so frustrating that one answer script after the other, is bad. Its as if my dear students didnt even listen to a word that I said in class, didnt read what they should have, didnt do the assignments that I gave, or didnt even take notice when I told them that an exam question will come out from this or that chapter.
I also notice that a lot of them just tend to memorize things, but cannot use them in a real life situation. They can spout what is ratio, interval, ordinal or nominal but cannot explain it in a real life context, salary. And time is running out. Another weekend will be spent marking papers so that the marks can be placed for all to see.
Stressful. Especially with 'funny' answers and interesting quips for help! Cannot mark for long, have to take breaks and when I take a break, I dont want to get back to marking!
Nevertheless, there are some gems, and these good answers keep me going. Like trying to find gold in a flowing river of rubbish! The hope is there, that someone at least learnt something!
And on Monday, another exam and another week of trying to finish marking!
Off to a meeting... ha ha ha, so guess I will continue marking tonight.

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