Saturday, May 3, 2008


Saw this accident on the way to office just now. Becoming more and more common on this stretch of road.A few years back this road was quiet and the trip to office took less than 30 minutes. Now if it takes 30 minutes I'll be happy. Why? The numerous small housing projects, schools, and other institutions that have sprung up right next to this 2 lane road. Now a simple countryside 2 lane road has to serve the function of a major highway.
Last time there was only a small number of houses and cars. Now, there are trucks, lorries, busses, and numerous cars. And an army camp is going to come up soon. So you can imagine the amount of vehicles on the road, with numerous small, hidden entrances/exits to the various housing projects. And with that comes more and more accidents.
Sometime I wonder is there any town planning at all?

And if you are wondering what am I doing in the office, what else... marking answer scripts from the previous exam and to key them into the computer system before Monday (when another exam starts) !

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