Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Life isnt fair...

Saw this cartoon in The Star, Comics, Startwo, Wednesday 19 March 2008, T26. Not so sure of issues of rights etc, whether can I place this on my blog...but was thinking that I am not making any money out of it, promoting Hagar (I love this comic) and the paper... and if anyone thinks / knows that I shouldnt place this on the web, please tell me and I'll take it out...

But it really reflects how I feel, many times.
I work hard. Yet I have failed monumentally at least twice. First in KL where I left my job and secondly in Kuching, where I lost my business. The many projects that I tried and failed. And now, when I think I am doing well, I may lose my eyesight.
Life isnt fair.

And the joke for me, is that so many people think that I am a millionaire. Ha Ha Ha.
My wife will vouch for me as to how 'tight' things are for us.

But life goes on. And there are so many that are dependent on me. So even if life isnt fair, I make do with what I have, and make life fairer for others.

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