Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Rehab Center

Well, not really, more like a nagging voice in my brain... Had a meeting yesterday at the rehab center, and the realization that we are living on money gained last year and nothing new this year. This year money from the welfare dept will most probably come in only later.
We will be having a Charity Dinner this Saturday but I dont think that many seats have been sold. But then again, those parents, nurses and workers have come up with a lot based on what little they have. And I worry that I will have to sing.... ha ha ha. They are planning for a "Suara Emas"(Golden Voice) where people pay for you to sing... and I just cant sing, dont even know any song from start to finish...
The photo here is from the wall of the rehab center. Some of our children and adults. Interesting to note that we found 3 new children from a village nearby after our staff went to visit and in another village the Headman has told us there are more children/adults with disabilities. So far mostly Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Mental disorders, Hyperactive, and others.
And the nagging fear is to find a permanent place within the community, enough funds to run, some way to get the people from the villages to attend rehab classes, and enough toys/goods to run the place.

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