Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Manners on the Road 2

This morning had to send Walter to hospital for check up. I just dont like to drive to town.
For nearly half the way, a lorry was on the right side of the road, driving at 40 to 50kmh, forcing everyone to follow. The road was jam packed with cars and motorbikes whizzing left right and center. Cars were passing red lights, and two lanes became three lanes when cars just squeezed through the middle of the long lines, and we were nearly hit by a car coming out from a shopping center without even bothering to indicate or to even notice that we had right of way.
One thing though, so far we have always managed to find a car park at the hospital. I would drop Doren and Walter (or she drop me) and then cruise to find a parking place. As long as you are patient, there can be a parking place, but its getting rare. The amount of cars on the road are increasing and more and more new buildings are being built but no new car parks. Its quite common to see the big four wheels parked on the kerb, cars parked in front of other cars thus blocking others, and people parking at various illegal places.
We also noticed that its common now to hear over the hospital intercom system the announcement of car numbers that are blocking the road / other cars.
Another gripe. Why Sarawakian drivers cant give way to ambulance? So many times I have seen the ambulance held up by car drivers that just wont give way. Or the opposite, those that follow the ambulance at the back, to get out of the jam.
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