Friday, April 11, 2008

Uncle Claude

It is always good to meet my uncle. Met him this time when I was in Johor and gave him a photo of my family and my recent book.
We spent a few hours talking of various things, from issues in church, death, burial and family.
Had coffee and cake. I had strawberry cheesecake and uncle had a baked cheese cake. I know! I know! Bad boy, shouldnt. But once in a while and Uncle had vouchers to redeem, ha ha ha.

We then went for a walk for the best chicken chop in Johor, in a quaint corner restaurant that had memorablia on the walls with small tables in the dining area. The chicken chop was excellent. We then walked a smalll round of the area and headed home to the hotel for a talk. Walked past the Indian shopping area, or small shops that were mainly owned by Indians. Bought some muruku for my wife. Also interesting to see so many barber shops in one small area. And there was so many Indian music stores selling Indian CD, cassette, and playing loud music. Another interesting thing for me was the flower seller. This is very Indian, and cant be found in Kuching.

Nevertheless, it was rather quiet, which is different from what I expected. After seeing Shanghai and Mumbai, Johor was rather quiet. Not that many people on the road and in the shopping area.
Another interesting thing about Johor is the colorful buildings. See for yourself here. Kuching is rather drab when you see this, even the old building were colorfully painted. And there was a lot of blue, yellow, and pink.

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