Sunday, April 6, 2008

Workshop in Sibu

Landed in Sibu. Its been a while since I been back to Sibu. No more Unimas Corporate MBA classes, so no more reason to be here.

Sibu is a big town, and seems to be growing bigger. Its a Chinese town, with a smattering of Ibans and Malays.

Got a nice hotel room to stay in courtesy of the company I was giving the workshop to. The room was great. The sad thing was that I was in the midst of a bad flu and fever and it was bad. Couldnt really sleep the first night and went to the first day workshop with only a few hours of restless sleep. Nose was running and began to perspire.

The staff attending the workshop were young and at the beggining it was difficult. I think most of them expected a lecture, instead they were given tough questions so early n the morning and told to discuss and then present it. But by afternoon, could sense things were moving on and better discussions was happening.

The big boss came on the second day to close the program. It was a workshop on Motivation to Work and Innovate within the company. It was interesting to observe the office culture and see how relax things are in Unimas. Perhaps we could also learn something from private companies.



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