Sunday, April 6, 2008

Food in Sibu

One thing nice for me in Sibu is the food. All the while I was there for CMBA, the students shared with me various places for various types of food. For me, the best breakfast in the hotels there is at Premier (coming in from the morning flight, I'll head to Premier for a buffet breakfast before going to class). TanahMas restaurant is too small and crowded and RH food is not so great (limited choice).

The other option is to go out, as what I did this time with two students of mine, Lau and Ngu. had beef soup and dried won ton (this time a bit salty).

The soup was nice and I was sweating as I tried to finish it off.

Lau and Ngu

Also enjoyed the dinners while I was in Sibu. Roger took me to Chuan Meng (I think so, forgot) for the fish and the grilled cheese prawn. Wonderful. Ran into Song, another ex student of mine.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Always nice in Sibu. From the Foochow bread in the morning, the kampua mee, the soups, the various fish (umai at the Malay restaurant), pork and other meats (the various shops we [students and lecturer] have been to at lunch and dinner, it is wonderful.

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