Sunday, April 6, 2008


Wanted to take Doren out for a crab dinner at Taman Kereta but the place was packed. There was a computer fair, so we decided to try a new place. A friend suggested a place near HSBC, so we decided to try it.
The first dish was the steamed cod, was OK, nothing great. What was interesting was that the waitress all spoke English to us, even when we tried to speak Malay to them. Also, there was no chilli or soya sauce given and everything was kinda slow.

Thenthe crab came. OK. But then nothing else came. A waitress came out and noted that our food has yet to come.

Then came the ambal. But by then it was already 9pm and we were restless and wanted to leave. You know the drill, when you ask for the bill and say to cancel whatever remaining on the order... next minute theres a flurry of activity and apparently our orders of food and drink were on its way.

A bit too late. But still they managed to get the food packed for us and we left, not so keen to go back there. Especially when the bill came to RM92. So far, Taman Kereta still is the best and cheapest.



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