Monday, June 23, 2008


Saw an accident on my way to work this morning, and its not the accident that I want to talk about, its the people.
The accident was at the UiTM roundabout. What was typical Malaysian was the traffic jam that was created by people parking their cars and motorbikes to stand from afar and gawk at the accident. I could see the fire truck and the firemen surrounding the car and I presume that they were trying to extricate the guy/gal out from the car, but they were surrounded by a hundred or more gawkers.
If I was first at a scene of an accident, I would stop and help. But if I was the 101, with the firemen there and ambulance on the way... why stop and create a traffic jam. And aren't these people supposed to be on their way to work too? Cant do much once you need firemen, so offer your prayers for a quick recovery or your condolences and drive on more carefully. Or am I too pragmatic and unemotional? As far as I can see, accidents are not a good thing. I have seen too much of the insides of a hospital that I just don't want to be in one.
I am as careful as I can be on the road. Its the accidents that are caused by others on me that I worry off. Too many crazy drivers on the road, with no manners, not bothered by the rule of the law, and just self absorbed that they don't care of others.
God help us all.
My prayers for a speedy recovery or condolence to those that are involved in this accident.

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