Monday, June 2, 2008


Alvina was allowed back home yesterday, and on the way back, my wife asked that we stop by her parents place. It was Gawai after all. This became a long stop over.... with grandparents fawning over Alvina and people dropping by to see her.Nevertheless it allowed me to get some pics and video of what is common here, the celebration of Gawai, Iban style. This time, there wasnt much to offer our guest as everyone was busy with the baby, so there was store bought sweets served in small jars on the table, ketupat (rice), chicken broth, and barbequed pork (served when people turned up). Plus lots of tuak, langkau, and my contribution to my father in law, vodka. There wasnt that many people too, as most had gone back to their villages for Gawai. My wife commented that its different when you are young, its so exciting and interesting. I told her of course, as she would be hoping to meet all the handsome young boys coming to visit. Got a glaring look from her... ha ha ha.

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