Thursday, June 5, 2008


After sleeping on it, all that comes to my mind is that even if petrol price (for me Diesel) goes up to RM4 or more, I will still need it. That's the only way for me to go to work (unless I buy a motorcycle, bicycle, or walk) as its around 20+ KM from my house to my office. My boy needs to go to the hospital every so often (more than 20km away). And now my daughter needs constant check up at the hospital. So, even if the petrol price goes up...
Why? Because there is no functioning public transportation in Kuching. We have a lot of van drivers driving here and there without licence, (a few with licence), picking up passengers and charging a fee to send you where you want to go, a few old buses, and no comprehensive public transportation system. So what choice do I have?
My brother commented yesterday that we will adapt. I think so too, and we will rearrange our expenditure for other things and still spend money on petrol. At least my brother has his chickens, that he can either sell or eat. I have... a dwindling real income from my fixed salary. I need to start rearing chickens and planting vegetables... ha ha ha.

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