Saturday, July 26, 2008


I have 'pisang madu' (Honey Banana) planted at my backyard. A friend, Prof Dimbab gave me a call and said that he had something to give me. What he meant was for me to pass the banana tree to my brother. Well, I misunderstood, misheard or whatever and took it back home. Kept it for a while and decided that before it dies, better plant it. Only after planting it, my brother calls me and ask whether did Prof Dimbab leave anything for him.
Too late.
The tree was already planted.
Taken root and doing well.
Offered him any new trees, but till now the trees are here in my backyard. Has fruited twice. This is the third tree and its fruiting. The fruit is small and very sweet. What we do is we will cut it up and pass small amounts to our neighbours, relatives, friends and I will take to the office for colleagues.
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