Sunday, July 27, 2008


Drove to town this morning with my boy to pay my car installment, driving my wife's car. Small car, an Atos. Was driving 80km, and can see this old Merc sports car coming up behind me, blinking his lights... There was a car in front of me and a whole long line of cars on my left. What did this guy expect me to do? Stop for him?
Sometimes, no.. come to think of it, all of the time, I am pissed off with these rich b.....ds who drive like they own the road, flaunting the law and doing whatever they like. This guy must have got pissed off coz he pulled in to the left, accelerated and overtook me, causing others on the left to slow down for him. And he got caught behind the car that was in front of me. He did the same thing and on and on till I lost sight of him. Was too pissed off to even think at that time... wished I had taken his car number... but what can I do with it?

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