Friday, July 18, 2008

Misai Kuching etc

I think I am too cynical... am I?
In Malaysia there are so many 'herbs', 'roots' etc that are supposed to do wonders for you... and I dont know how effective are all these claims..
Like the mangosten cure sold in the wet market, claiming its anti-cancer... what does that mean...? Or the various old wife's tales that are common here...
I know that UTM in Johor is doing some research into this and yet I am cynical.
I also know that a lot of our drugs come from the jungle, yet I am cynical.
Why... well the drugs went through a lot of research and specific compounds were chosen... the 'herbs', 'roots' etc were mostly discarded... which begs the question, why?
I remember being briefed in UTM that by drinking the shavings of tongkat ali, it will hurt you instead of helping you. So the method of consuming these ingredients must also be right.
All in all... be wise, be safe.

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