Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Spring

Had a long morning today. Met Prof Rajah Rasiah and family at the airport and lent him my pick up truck to use while he was here. Then problems at the Hilton for his hotel reservations. We went for breakfast at Hopoh, Doren loves the nasi lemak there. And then to Spring, as Doren wanted to go there...

After shopping at the supermarket.... it was ... doughnuts...
My wife wanted this so much... ha ha ha. While waiting for her, saw Kenny Sia (or someone looking remarkably like him.. ha ha ha) walking out of the doughnut shop. He looked shorter than I imagined, and a bit plump.
Back home, we enjoyed the doughnuts.
The Spring... well, we didnt see much, just the first floor. Not too interested in overpriced places. My wife wants to go again, to see the whole place. I am actually thinking of taking her to Jakarta instead, more choice and cheaper and I may have to go there in December anyway...

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