Sunday, August 10, 2008


Apparently the whole of Sarawak faced a, no, not a, but 2 blackouts last evening/night. We were at my in-laws when suddenly the lights slowly flickered and died out. As usual, the corny old jokes as to who didn't pay the bill. Then soon, it was apparent it was an all-Sarawak blackout (SMS by friends and family, and a bit of news in between the blackouts) that lasted I think a total of 30 - 40 minutes. Then the lights came on. My wife started cooking, Walter was playing 'cooking' at my in-laws kitchen, and the lights went out again. Walter cried. It got very dark. Cant blame him. Gave him a torchlight to play with, which lowered the screams...but he whimpered for a long time. He enjoyed blowing out the candles... and my father in law had run out of candles, we had to go and buy some from the local store (which surprisingly was open as all other shops were closed). Then the lights came on again..
Interesting to hear he official version is something went awry at the local dam, but I can bet you that there will be a lot more unofficial versions soon... that's Malaysia.

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