Monday, August 11, 2008

Convocation - 1st Session

Woke up early and didn't go for my morning walk. Had agreed to pick up boss to take him to the University. Arrived early and dressed up, suit, gown, mortarboard, then went to the meeting place. Breakfast was provided. Sat down and waited, and talked to people. Then had the procession into the hall. Look familiar, yup, its the exam hall that is now converted for the convocation. We are still waiting for our own Convocation Hall to be built.The usual speeches, graduands taking their scrolls, presentations of songs, graduands taking their scrolls, prize giving, student speech, and la di da, things were done. Could see everything from a TV positioned in front of us.Had a quick and light lunch from the lunch provided for us, and quickly went to see where my Master students were gathered with their family and friends, for some light refreshments (which I didn't manage to taste) and more importantly, photo taking. I like to be in the 1st session to see my postgraduate students. Quite proud of them and their achievement. This is the last batch from Sibu and Kuching (old batch) and they had struggled and finally achieved. My congratulations to them. This is also the time for photo taking. Quite happy to oblige.
Then to a session with the press, and hopefully a write up will appear tomorrow. We have upgraded the Corporate Masters in Business Administration (CMBA) program. Now the entry level is a CGPA of 3.00, which must be maintained in order to graduate. There has also been changes in the structure of the program, especially the research paper.
All in all, today's convocation session was a good session.
Headache, a bit hungry, and my eyes are tired. But happy to see my guys and gals graduating. Congrats again.

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