Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Doren's BP

Went home on Monday to find my wife lying down, saying she had headache. I took her blood pressure reading (lying down) and it was 183/103. So waited till 6.30pm to go to see our doctor. The doctor immediately told us to go to the Accident & Emergency at Sarawak General Hospital. Went there, and waited, and waited. Finally she was given a bed, attended by a doctor. Given a pill, and ask to sleep while they took her BP every hour.
I tried to sleep sitting down, couldn't. I realize that I get tired fast, and sleepy after 9pm. Getting old. Ha Ha Ha. Tried to rest in the car at the parking lot. Couldn't really sleep.The hospital was quite well light up. Most of the time, we see it at day time.I just don't like being here. I feel sad seeing people, with all sorts of ailments. And I get worried as to when will be my turn to be wheeled in. Not afraid of dying, that would be OK. More afraid of the pain and sadness before hand. Quite morose.
Thought a lot of how to prepare for my family, as everyone is totally dependent on me. My wife doesn't work and with only Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) [secondary school], there isn't much out there for her. Don't want to be a burden to her. Dying would be better as she would at least get the house and some savings. Being sick and suffering, without an income.. that would be bad.
That's why I am trying everything, to get a second income for the family that is not related to me. So far, not successful. Also have to look after my health, and so far... still fat. Sad.
At 2 am, the doctors allowed her home as her BP was 143/100. To see specialist in 2 weeks time.
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