Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dr's Appointment at Sarawak General Hospital (SGH)

Had a follow up with the Dr's for Walter. This is our norm... The appointment (or the word used for this, which is not what I deem as an appointment) was for 2.50pm. We left home early and arrived at 2.30pm. As usual, my wife will go with Walter to the check in station, where she will put in Walter's card in one of the appropriate slots. Earlier, I had to go and get a letter from my university conforming that I was still a government officer and we had to place this together with the appointment card.
While my wife was doing this, I would try to find a parking space. Sometimes is easier than other times. There is certainly a lack of parking places at SGH and with numerous inconsiderate persons parking their cars anywhere, problems abound. As you wait in the hospital you will hear announcements, asking people to move their vehicle. Where's the police when you need them eh? No, not police. Where's the planners, administrators, and people in charge for the hospital... they should have some foresight to know that people come to hospital in cars.. normally if one was well and could take the public transport... hey.. who am I kidding... what public transport is available anyway. And in Sarawak, when someone is warded, the whole village comes to visit.
Enough of that. Back to the Dr's appointment story. If we are lucky, I would meet up with my wife and son at the ward. If not, they would still be waiting for their card and appointment number and we will meet up there. Today we waited from 2.50pm to 4.00pm for the doctor to see us. And that too was such a precursory look that as far as I am concerned, no need. We know much better of the situation than the doctor.
But we need him/her. Why? To prescribe the much needed and unavailable zinc oxide that my son needs for his bum (He still cant control his bowel movements and his bum is red ... part of the price to pay for his Hirsprungs Disease). They cant even give us the stomahesive powder (which we buy at exorbitant prices) but I am not complaining.
Why? Because the doctors did the best that they could and have helped us so much. My complaint is with the administrators and planners. If one knows that the situation is as such, why cant one do something about it? Walter is now 5 years old and this is what we have been doing from his birth, with not much of a change.
Then its off to the pharmacy to get the medicine prescribed for Walter. Sometimes, especially if we are among the last to see the Dr's, then the wait will not be that long. Most of the times the wait is long but bearable. There are signs and you know the numbers are coming up. At times they do run out of zinc oxide and we will be given a small portion instead of the normal tub. But we will always be taken care of. But that implies another visit to SGH to get the refill.
Now picture this scenario, repeated over and over again. For Walters paediatric ward clinic, medical clinic, dentist, and my own medical clinic visits. I am quite well versed with parts of the hospital that it makes me worried. Now add in the eye clinic for me.
Take care of your health. Its important.

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