Wednesday, August 13, 2008

2nd Day Convocation Afternoon Session at FEB

From lunch, we rushed to the faculty lobby where the next ceremony was to start. It was full of students and family. At the faculty's lobby, students had prepared a ceremony and show, for the graduands. The ceremony was to present the Ralph Christy Award. As usual, first it was a speech by the Dean.Then the award presentation.
Students also did two dances, the first an Indian dance and the second... modern interpretation...God knows... we (Dean, me, HoDs were asking them to smile... they looked so nervous.. LOL. Then a light lunch was provided for all, and the photo taking sessions started. With parents, in groups, with individuals, and couples.

It was hot, tiring, and yet good. Lau (my RA), as usual had no qualms and confidently sat down and enjoyed his lunch and rest. Good boy.... oops sorry, young man.
The party continued but I had a class to teach. There was a number of activities, including karaoke and "Who dares Win" organized by the students. There was also a number of stalls selling various items... next blog.

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