Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Unimas Convocation 2nd Day Morning Session

The second day of convocation witnessed my faculty's undergrads graduating, in the morning session. So once again, was up early and pick up boss to go to the University. Had breakfast at the waiting room. The guest of honour was the Chief Minister, who arrived in his Rolls Royce and police entourage.

Once everyone settled in, the police had breakfast too. We then lined up to enter the hall, and the 2nd session started. This time I asked a friend to take some photos of FEB's lecturers (my colleagues) who had lined up earlier to enter the hall. There was a sense of excitement.

It was a long session as we had quite a lot of students graduating. These is my view of the hall, half of it, can see the guest of honour wife's in front, lecturers, then the graduating students followed by the parents. The Chief Minister gave his speech and all I could see was his back. Of course could see the proceeding from the TVs in front of us. At the back of the Chief Minister's seat was this huge stack of degrees to be given out. Don't have a photo of me doing this but have one of the Engineering faculty, and this shows how the degrees are collected by the staff, given in a bulk of three, to one of the Deputy Deans (usually the Post grad Deputy Dean) who then hand it one by one to the other Deputy Dean (Undergraduate) who then hands it on a silver platter to the Chief Minister.Once the ceremony finished, we adjourned for lunch. Protocol, can't leave while Chief Minister still there but we had to be at the faculty to get things ready for the next session, so the two of us went out the back door.And an interesting thing happened a our table. I am sure we are all familiar with the thing in the middle of the table that rotates, allowing everyone access to the dishes. Well, ours didn't. LOL. Trying to be discreet in getting to the food, while maintaining decorum... don't want to stand up, so ended up taking the dishes and passing to one another. Quite good food, always preferred Holiday Inn catering. So once again, it was a short lunch and off to the second part of the ceremony.


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