Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Spot Check @ PPDK Mambong

There was a spot check by the government representatives at the Rehab Center (Downs, Cerebral Palsy, etc) that I am leading. All was OK as all staff were there, the children were doing their activity, and at least Mdm. Ator could be there.
The Rehab Center is doing quite well, and we have quite a number of activities (for the children, staff, and parents). Must confess that I don't do much of the work, just provide direction and motivation. They (staff and the supervisor - Mdm. Suji) do most of the work. The committee also does help, in doing activities and seeing to the daily running of the Rehab Center. Worried that I don't have much time to spare to be involved.. and will be seen negatively. Oh well, I do what I can do, and hope for the best.
Must be positive eh! From nothing, to having a Rehab Center, to making it grow (from 0 children to 71 children) and helping many people. Now to get our own place...

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