Thursday, September 4, 2008


Vina has been having running nose and cough for the past two days. Came home and wife said must go see doctor for Vina. Went to see our family doctor, Dr Tan Poh Tin, and Vina has flu and cough and was given medicine. While there, Walter was seen to have a running nose too and my throat was itchy. So everyone got their dose of medicine. As usual, Doren is as fit as a fiddler. Thank God. Imagine all the babies sick (me included).
Men, or should I say myself, don't handle being sick well. At least this time its not that bad for me. But when I get a bad fever or cold, all I want to do is lie down and sleep. But imagine that happening in my house, with Vina crying, Walter destroying yet another toy, and Doren getting her Blood Pressure up, up, and away. But its nice having a wife to take care of you while you are sick. : )
Hopefully Vina will get well soon, and Walter's nose will stop running..

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