Friday, September 5, 2008


Went to see our land at Kota Samarahan last Monday. It was a holiday because of Merdeka (Independence Day) falling on a Sunday.
We actually planned to go on Sunday, but the guy that was supposed to go with us to look at the land (we wanted to contract out the clearing to him), was drunk. We agreed to go on Monday, and still he didn't turn up.
We then went by ourselves and with my father in law. Met a local villager who took us in to see the pegs (nice square land of 3.8 acres) and meeting him turned out to be a blessing as he offered to clear the land with the villagers at a lower cost to us. We are now thinking as to what to do with the land, as there are so many options, but we are unsure of whom to sell the produce to. Among the ideas is to rear fish (keli), plant papaya, banana, or even rear chickens (not yet I think, nobody to look after). So we are working on this.

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