Friday, October 3, 2008

Hari Raya Holidays

Didn't do much during this 2 days holiday. Woke up late and had breakfast with the wife at her favorite laksa stall in 10th Mile and then visited my mother. Bought for her some fish burgers that she liked and helped to clean her room. Just lazed the day away.
The second day was similar, except that we had visitors. My mother and sister in law and a neighbor of theirs with their children. Met up at a shopping center where we had gone after breakfast to buy some things for Vina. They had a funny, interesting story.
Apparently they had heard that there was a rich man near my place, giving out Hari Raya money (of various sums) to all and sundry who visited his place for Hari Raya. This story had been going on for some years, so they decided to go and see for themselves. Apparently the place was packed with people, waiting to go in, with the fence of the place being bent by the sheer weight of people, and so they decided not to go and met up with us.
I just dont understand why people are willing to go to the rich peoples, YB's, Ministers, Chief Minister, Prime Minister's etc Hari Raya gatherings, where they have to find parking some distance away, line up for ages (if they line up) in the hot sun and maybe get some cordial and cake. Similar things when there is an opening ceremony or a politician speech.. God help me if I have to attend. For what? I just cant get it. One doesnt even personally know them, they dont know you... Thank God my wife also doesnt like such activities. But this is just the fun activity for others.. as can be seen by the throngs attending such activities (shown on TV)
In the end, the children did some coloring,
the parents chatted, and then my wife sent them home. I lazed at home. Isnt that is what holidays are for... to rest and just laze around...? I know others who spend their holidays doing so many activities that when the holiday is over, they need some time more to rest... sad eh!

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