Saturday, November 22, 2008


Feeling better this morning, so went for breakfast at 10th Mile with Doren and Walter. Tried a new place, which turned out to be a great loss. Its a shop opposite where they sell newspapers at 10th Mile. Doren had the nasi lemak that turned out to be not 'lemak' at all, dried old chicken and sambal that tasted sweet and like it was mixed with chili sauce/ketchup.
Walter fared no better. His toast was burnt crisp, and he didn't even finish half of it.
The only saving grace was the porridge, which I had, was quite OK. I just wonder how these kind of stalls can continue to survive. We then went for a walk to the market and saw this... Durian Isso/Issu, a small native durian that was yellow in color and smelt worse or better (depending on who you ask) than that of a normal durian.Then my nose started running again.... and it was time to go home.

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