Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Went to this place next to Everise 4th Mile for breakfast. Its one of the few places that I like coz it has 'light' food (as opposed to a heavy meal of rice or noodles for breakfast). Done know the Chinese names for the food, last time they had photos of the food so we could just point and order, now only in a written form with the prices next to it. Explained in Malay and the waiter brought our order, roughly what we wanted... ha ha ha. Everything is small, Dim Sum style. Sad that Sarawak doesn't have nice Dim Sum places (wonder why?), like in Kuala Lumpur or even in Auckland. Had some of the nicest Dim Sum there.
We haven't been here for some time, and now we find that the servings remain, but the price has gone up and the meat filling has reduced. Oh well, sign of the times. Nevertheless, still nice for some light brunch on a late lazy Sunday morning.

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