Tuesday, November 25, 2008

House (2)

Nothing is more important to me than the bathroom/toilet facilities in a house. My father in law got an experienced guy to come down to the village to supervise the building of the toilets and its accessories. The first thing we noticed was that the doors were placed wrongly, where the bolts were on the outside instead of the inside, which was to be rectified. The guy from Kuching quickly set up the two toilets.
and the guys from the village did the tank and the pipes.
Now all we need to get is water. And thats another issue, as from where will the water come from? Two stories at the moment, one - the water comes from Mugah (the old village) water supply or two - the water comes from a nearby water source, but unsure if the pressure is enough. Will let the elders fight over that, as long as we get water.
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