Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Nobel Laureate Keynote Lecture

Attended a Nobel Laureate talk, by Professor Gerardus 'tHooft.
Quite an event, with a rather large turnout. Had to skip out towards the end as had another meeting to attend.
What was interesting to me was that the large turnout was because the Vice Chancellor and his Deputy sent out strongly worded emails that staff should attend. For me, I would have attended, no matter what, as knowledge is always important, and what more from someone of good reputation. Interesting to hear the comments from the people sitting around me. Sometime I wonder if our level of academic interest is sliding down the drain, or has it always been like this? Just another job?
I like the speakers starting statement, that everything is different and this difference is good. He then showed how countries can differ politically yet work together at individual scientist level as well as while there exist contradictions with religion, science still moves ahead. Plus on what is a good and bad scientist. Interesting talk.
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