Tuesday, November 18, 2008

To Kampung 4

On the way, we saw people berumai together. They were most probably working in a group together to plant paddy on someones land today, and later each other's land.
Reached the turning into Simunjan, and there wasn't any durians for sale.This was telling, as normally there would be a glut of durian's. I suspect that deforestation and the reduction in number of bats (agents for pollination) has caused the constant loss in numbers of fruit each year.
The main road in was still OK and when we reached Simpang Punda, it was still gravel road. Been years since the various promises had been made to tar the road.The 'lake' (its a depression that always get filled with water when it rains, but dries up in the dry season) was up and high. A few minutes later, we arrived at Kampung Baru Kepit.But we had to go on in some more, as our place was deeper into the jungle.
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