Sunday, November 30, 2008


After church, we went over to the venue to get the prize for the True Card competition. As I expected, the place was packed, and it was difficult to get a place to park the car. Thank God was driving my wife's car, so easy to slip into a small space by the side of the road. The place was packed with people and we couldn't find the stall. Met an old friend, who is now into selling fish and a student from Sibu... who finally found the stall for us.I was sweating already and just never liked to go to places that were packed with people, I don't find it great to go to such events, but find it a must in the marketing field.... Plus I think it gives the city folks something to do on a Sunday. For me, a comfortable chair and a book or a nice TV story... that would be fine. Anyways, showed my Identity Card, signed a form and got the money... and in the process, misplaced the print out of the Coffee Bean prize...causing some friction between me and missus. Oh well, will print out when in office as I will be away on travel to Kuala Lumpur.
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