Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Lunch

My sister invited us to a Christmas Lunch with her family and our mum. Brother wasn't around. We got lost looking for the restaurant but that's another story. It was a grand lunch, had half of a roasted suckling pig / piglett - as in Babe.. (totally unexpected),
prawns and vegetables. This is my brother in law and their two boys, Joshua and Julian. My sister is partly hidden here.
My mother, Doren and Walter. Left Vina at home with the maid as the weather was not good.
We took the opportunity to give presents to my mum, sister and family..
and Walter got a big box, which we managed to stop him from opening. Will open when we are at Sematan Beach for Christmas.
It was a good lunch together and to keep in touch with family members.
Thanks Shirley for the lunch.
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