Monday, December 22, 2008

MV Doulos

Doren was busy making biscuits .. (Walter and I was busy tasting them) ..
and then she wanted McDonald's for dinner. So we went to the airport for McDonald's, took Walter along. On the way out, Doren said she wanted to go to MV Doulos.. we saw some posters and had been told that the ship was here I have been there before and not so keen .. with a full stomach and tired eyes.. but went anyway.
It was worth it.
We didn't know where exactly it was but saw the small signs by the road at Pending and went for it.. its at the same place where Pending Seafood is. Huge parking area with a lot of cars there, plus it was night and there was no way to mistake the ship with all its lights on. I didn't bring my camera, so used hand phone.. so photo's not so great..
Had to climb up a steep stair up to the boat, carrying Walter. There was a lot of people there and quite good books .. but I am broke this month .. ha ha ha, so mostly look but still ended up buying RM200+ worth of books and CDs.
It was a worthwhile trip. On the way out they had a bargain corner but Walter was beat, so didn't stop by. Walter's face was red and he had been sweating (it was hot on the boat) and we think dehydrated and we forgot to bring water. But he enjoyed himself and was happy (you know Walter is happy when he sings!).

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