Monday, December 22, 2008

Passport Control

This is what I have to face every time I leave / enter Sarawak.
I know.
I know.
Its one of the items that Sarawak insisted to have before joining Malaysia.
Its for the good of Sarawakians

For those who are blur.. Sarawak is part of Malaysia, but maintains its own Immigration. Therefore, if you are a West Malaysian or Sabahan, you need a passport / Identity Card (for short stay) to enter Sarawak. If you work in Sarawak, you will need a work permit, and boy .. the rules are plenty and strict, and the effort to deal with the Immigration office. Thank God I am working for the Federal Government, so I am assured of a work permit and right to stay .. others, find it difficult.. but one cant complain .. its the right of the State.
I have been assured that there will be no problems with me getting a visa to continue staying here and I really sincerely do hope that this is true. I hate it when people suggest that I can always go back to West Malaysia .. to where?
But back to the image.. this is what I have to go through every time I enter / leave Sarawak.
I do understand, accept, and strongly agree that the State has every right to do so. But the feeling I get, Sad! Worse still when I am with my wife. She shows her Identity Card and walks through. Me. I get scrutinized thoroughly and you know the people behind you are getting restless as the Immigration officer goes through your passport, flipping it over and over, searching for the correct rubber stamp to stamp my passport.
Oh well, its a minor, very minor price to pay to be here.

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