Sunday, December 21, 2008

Doren's Birthday

Came back to Kuching on the 18th, slept for most of the afternoon but that night we went to do Doren's hair and then for Malay food for a birthday dinner for Doren. Her birthday was on the 19th. Went to the Malay stalls near Ariff Hotel in town as Doren wanted Nasi Kerabu (a rice dish with mixed herbs and vegetables and the side dishes are fish, meat etc.).
The stall was very simple.
Doren with her new hair style that took two hours to do..
Walter waiting for food ..
We had Nasi Kerabu Spesial
and Puyuh (Fried Quail) .. quite nice actually ..
I gave Doren a necklace that I had asked Dr Lo to buy for me (I don't know how to differentiate which is a real pearl and which is not .. cheaper in Kota Kinabalu) but my wife didn't like it.. oh well.. at least she enjoyed the dinner. Went to work on 19th and got for her 2 slices of cheese cake that we both liked, and ate with Walter. On the 19th night, we went again to the Malay stalls .. Doren still wanted her Kerabu and I had Nasi Dagang (the rice was not glutinous enough for me, but the taste was quite like that when I was growing up in Terengganu).
All in all, it was a good time..
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