Saturday, December 13, 2008

In Kota Kinabalu for Conference

Flew to Kota Kinabalu this morning. I am attending the International Borneo Business Conference, jointly organized by my faculty and the School of Business, Universiti Malaysia Sabah. I enjoy flying. The view was beautiful, and so was breakfast, and had enough time to nearly finish reading / correcting a thesis. Stayed in a hotel that I am familiar with, Promenade. This time got a small room (Unimas pay), as compared to when I was doing consultancy (nice suite overlooking the sea). The hotel was packed with parents and children (school holiday time) and met one of the nurses from Kuching with her Downs child. Arrived early, so no room ready. Went walking, as there was a power boat race going on just outside the hotel. And as usual a band is playing music, which I can hear in my hotel room. Plus there was construction going on. If I knew I would have gone to another hotel. Walked to the town area, and one very interesting thing for me is the number of Christmas trees .. compared to Kuching. Everise 4th Mile has already hung up Chinese New Year lanterns! Oh well. Had a simple lunch that for me was expensive (RM9) for Char Siew rice and tea.. but I find Kota Kinabalu expensive.
Most probably wont be on line till I get back to Kuching, so take care.

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