Saturday, December 6, 2008

Our House at Kampung

Went back to see the building of our house in Kampung (village). Progressing quite well, now left the back portion, kitchen, toilet and bathroom. Then we have to negotiate how to get water in, either from Mugah Lama or Batu Kepit. Will leave that to the elders. The front of the house, side walls, back, inside, roof.All looks OK, so hopefully we will have a place to stay at Kampung before Christmas. Disappointed that some people from other villagers question our right to be a part of the village, stating that we don't stay there 24 7. Its my wife's fathers village, his land, and now our land is still there, plus if we don't maintain a presence in the village, we are afraid that our land rights (menoa, pemakai etc) will be taken away from us.
People are becoming greedy with the encroachment of palm oil companies eating up all the land around the area. Many are not thinking long term, giving up everything they have to palm oil companies, without anything to sustain themselves. We have a few plots of land in the village which we don't intend to give up to the palm oil companies. They can take the menoa, but not the land that we (grandfather, father, wife, me) have toiled on (rubber, fruit trees, pepper) to earn a living on. But its sad, even though we have contributed thousands of ringgit to the village for its development, there are still this voices of discontent.
But on a brighter side, our house is getting ready.. soon.

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