Sunday, January 4, 2009

1st PPDK Mambong Meeting for 2009

Chaired the first PPDK Mambong Committee meeting today. Among others we were happy to have made profit from the Benuk dinner and must say thank you to all involved. We also set up sub-committees to look into:
1. Getting a permanent house
2. Getting funds
3. Liaison
4. Project for adults. Was thinking of fish farming for them, they can handle the minimal work required, but need land, money, expertise, distribution & sales. Will have to work on this. Hopefully the project can get funds for the adult OKU (Orang Kurang Upaya - Handicap / Special Needs). We plan to have a few activities this year, including:
1. New Year and Chinese New Year party; Gawai party, Raya party
2. Motivation Camp for the Adult OKU
3. Charity Sale
4. Visits
We have also got a book ready on all our activities for last year and was informed we have given copies to the two YBs in our area. My best wishes to all the committee.

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