Monday, January 5, 2009

What can be done?

Every morning when we do our walk, we see this Chinese lady and her son at the side of the OUM (Open University Malaysia) complex. Looks shabby and unkempt and the boy is always shirtless.
This morning, on our first round of the OUM complex, we saw them again. On the second round, we came across a sight! The boy was hitting the mother. She was shouting he is killing me, pain, pain. He was pulling her hair and boxing her. Somehow or rather he got a plank and started pummelling her. I immediately went in and pulled the boy's grip from his mothers hair (very strong) and took away the plank and then hugged him. All the while I was saying, no, no, you must sayang (love) your mother, not hit her. When I was hugging him, he started to cry. The mother was crying too by then. Doren was standing a bit away from the fracas and I passed the boy over to her when things calmed down. He started to cope a feel from her and she pushed him down and ask him to sit down.
We then spoke to the mother who told us that they were not homeless. She had a sister who allowed them to stay at her house from 6.30pm to 2am, when they must leave (weird i thought). There was a 'towkay' (boss) who takes her to work as a labourer, where ever, and she brings the boy with her. The boy is thirteen years old, can barely speak, but looks tough and wiry and by now had walked away. When asked if she wants help from the welfare department, she said yes, but what can they do? Which I don't know too.
Feel sad.

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