Friday, January 2, 2009

At Office

I am at office.. trying to get things done, but there seems to be a constant stream of students knocking at the door.. and yet unable to verbalize their intention.
Its the same every semester.
I wonder why?
And I find it rather rude that a student just walks in my office and hands me a paper. For what? Then they stammer around. Some just don't talk and keep pushing that piece of paper to me. I wonder how did they make it into University.
Others go for the group effort, where one person will say 'perlu tandatangan encik' (need your signature mister) and quickly everyone drops their pieces of paper onto my desk. Some at least call me Dr., but it seems no one knows I am an Associate Professor.
None so far has said Thank you. Manners doesn't seem to be a forte of these kids.

It irritates me. Yet they seem to know when I am extremely busy, to just walk in, so that I cant spare much time to teach them some manners. (Here comes the old man's tale). When I was in University, I would knock on the door, ask permission to enter, and state my business to the lecturer. When its done, I will always say thank you. Manners. Politeness. If the person is a Dr., I will call him/her Dr., if a Prof, Prof. Again, Manners, politeness. Personally I don't care what the students call me (and I have been called nearly everything under the sun), but I care how they act, because when they go out to the real world .. and call a Datuk (Sir) as Encik (Mister).. its just not good.. and reflects badly on them, the university, and me.

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