Thursday, January 22, 2009

My new office at the Center for Graduate Studies (CGS)

Getting used to the new office, which has me using my staff card for the first time in a few years.Now I need it to access everywhere in this building. My day starts with walking in through a glass door that will open only to my staff card.Take the lift to the third floor, turn left and again.. staff card to enter. Before at the faculty we clocked in using the computer, now its a thumb print system. Then through a long and narrow way to my office, passing through door after door and finally to the last door before my room (which by now has bulked up with a few more things) and there is a quite nice vista of the main entrance way to the university. There are stairs .. but from lower ground where I park the car, its four looong flight of stairs.. not that fit yet and not that sure I want to arrive to my office when I am sweating, huffing and puffing. : )
Maybe.. but not yet..
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