Monday, January 12, 2009

New Washing Machine

Last Saturday we went shopping for a washing machine.
Went to Palm Road, and walked the stretch, one shop after the other. I was in a foul mood, cant remember why. Left the buying to my wife.
Bought a washing machine,
and a small stereo.. that was not in the budget.. after it was installed it was all Iban karaoke.. for a while..
I want this..just that its nearly RM7000, so just have to dream on..
On the way back, traffic jam and the rain just wasn't slowing down. Amazed that so many people were out shopping, guess Chinese New Year is around the corner, so and more shopping is due.
At home, the guys brought in and fixed the washing machine and stereo..
Walter as usual cried.. and cried the whole time the installers were there. We still don't know what to do about this. Whenever someone comes over, that he doesn't know .. he cries. The moment they go away..he stops. Tried every way to get him to stop.. and he cries more.
Oh well, at least now we have a washing machine.. think we need to buy a dryer now (ha ha).. it hasn't stopped raining for a few days now. Saw on TV that some places in Bau and Kuching are flooded.
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