Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Friends

One of the reasons that made me willing to travel to Melaka, was that my good old friend and his girlfriend (at that time, now wife) from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) days, was there. Mock Kim Ong and Chong Sew Chu. Went to their house the first night I was there to just chit chat and catch up. Sew Chu is in the same boat as me, with a higher level of diabetes. Mock is as fit as ever, from last time. He was in the reserves officer unit during universities days and doesn't seem to have aged at all, maybe just a moustache now (perhaps to make him look older...). They got married right after university and now have three children, the eldest is 14 years old. The eldest boy is not in the photo as he had tuition to attend.
On the second night they took me out to a Nyonya restaurant for dinner, Restoran Ole Sayang, even my driver knew of the place. It was good, delicious, and how I wished I didn't have diabetes or high blood pressure. I could have eaten the whole restaurant's offering. There was fish in chili, prawns, duck, chicken and one vegetable. Had cendol for dessert... wow. Thanks guys. It was good to have met with them and catch up.

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