Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I like flying, what more now when I fly Business Class (mostly, but still do Air Asia and economy - depends on who's paying). Check in and go to the lounge and have a coffee and some snacks and I will have a comfortable time to sit down and read (most of the time my students thesis). I usually will go to the plane early and settle down and .. yes, read and correct a thesis.I love Malaysia Airlines (MAS) breakfast. I don't get what people complain about. Whether its economy or business class, MAS food is good. Perhaps because I come from a poor background, and this is good food for me, in taste and amount. Then on the way back, at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, I would check in early and go to he lounge and hope that the computers there are free (it wasn't this time), so that can check my email. Every time I travel, there will be a huge amount of email waiting, sometimes till my email box cant handle the load. Again, have something to bite and read. I usually go in early to the waiting room to see the plane. It just amazes me to see planes, the people around it and the activity.
This time, I slept on the way back. Just too tired. Had a nice 2 hour nap. Otherwise read and mark a thesis and take photographs. On the way to land, snapped a number of photos. That's another thing I do. I love to see the clouds, the different colors and the contrast. And its beautiful to see the rivers and clouds, and you know you are back in Sarawak.
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