Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine Day .. ho hum ..

Valentines Day, its just another day for us, although this time there was a surprise for me from my wife .. a new pair of shoes from Bata. Thank you Yang.
Otherwise its just another Saturday, especially with Walter starting to have the flu and Vina still too young to take out (according to my wife).. so we went to our piece of land in Sui, to see and try to clear up and plan for the future.. tiring. I like the trip across the river.
We then went for tea after clearing a bit of the land and met my old boss, had a chat. Went home and bathed, and then took Walter to his current favorite place, nawnald.. : )
and he enjoyed himself on a 'ride' at a shop near McD., and didn't want to go home.
On the way, we noticed the usual stalls selling flowers, gifts etc for Valentine's .. some huge stalls and some just out of the back of the car..oh well, someone has to make money ...
Now everyone is resting and I am about to read and prepare for my Monday & Tuesday class... maybe if the weather holds we will go to the night market at Satok.
That's Valentines day for us.. nothing much.. and I don't see whats the fuss about.. in my book, every day should be Valentine day.
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