Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Boy..

Walter suddenly became very domesticated. He took this doll, carried it like a baby to his chair, played with the doll for a while, kissed the doll when we asked him to. Then he suddenly looked up, like distraught, and took off the dolls trousers and started 'washing' the doll and putting 'cream' and 'medicine' on the doll like it was on himself. He then put on the doll's clothes again and put the doll on the chair and went to take the 'uyut'. He then took a pillow and placed it in the 'uyut' and then placed the doll in it.
He then proceeded to 'uyut' the doll while making noises as if asking the doll to sleep.
We were flabbergasted. He never did have such a long attention span to do one thing till complete. Then he went to help the maid to fold clothes. He did quite well for the smaller items, but the long trousers stumped him.
After all that, he was tired and took his towel and told the maid he wanted to have his shower. Walter, Walter.
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