Monday, March 16, 2009

Cut Hair

Walter hates to have his hair cut, and we have tried taking him to the barbers... but he would cry, scream, shout.. and so far only one barber still will want to cut his hair. But Walter is wise.. as soon as he knows we are going to the barber...
So we have started to cut his hair at home .. or should I say, Doren does it.
See Walter's face .. it started with a normal face, still happy and then he slowly realizes that .. its a hair cut..
start to grimace ..
and cry.. we were worried what our neighbours would think, as he was screaming ..
The hand phone was to placate him (he likes to listen to the music on my wife's hand phone).. but didn't really work.. as he wriggled and cried more.
Anybody else with a Downs Syndrome child who can suggest how we can get him to calm down and cut his hair?


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