Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Personal Office

Did I forget to say... I have two offices, one at the chancellery and the other at the faculty. This is my office at the faculty.
Why do I need two offices? Because for this semester I teach two undergrad classes on Monday and Tuesday afternoons and Saturday afternoon for post grad and therefore need a place to meet students, read, rest and prepare. Plus its a 10 minute drive from one office to another (too hot to walk.. I'll be drowning in my own sweat) and I need a place to store my books, data collected and still being key in, past students thesis and 3rd year work, and stuff. Didn't realize that I have a lot of stuff... and this is after throwing away, giving away, and just completely downsizing whatever I have .. and I still have stacks of files, paperwork etc.
I need to beautify this room.. nothing on the walls... but that's adding more stuff.. ha ha ha. When I finish my admin work and go back to faculty, then I'll concentrate on making this room livable.
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