Tuesday, April 21, 2009

KL Trip 2

The hotel was grand, but full. Had to wait to check in. The room was nice, well.. for the price the University was paying...
the toilet was large, and I loved the shower
The view from my window..
I love the buffet breakfast at these kinds of hotels, but this is not so grand and rather expected offering. But the place was very stylish, and I had my fill for Day 1 and Day 2.Checking out was a nightmare though. A long line, and it was hot.. and they don't seem to understand when I called and asked if they could get my bill ready and I will check out at a specific time... guess with the long line, the hotel was just overwhelmed
Similar thing when checking in for the conference. So many ladies, so few doing work. Wonder why they cant just computerize the whole thing, at least in Excel, so when someone say their name, search for it and done! They couldn't find my name.. gave my card, because normally people cant spell my name.. and still couldn't find it. Later when I spoke to my colleague, she said she saw my name when she check in but her name was missing... : )
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